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running away from the pharaoh

December 21, 2008

Everyone is talking about Bernie Madoff and his $50bn pyramid (Ponzi) scheme nowdays. As a guy pointed on HIGNFY last week, with this money Bernie could probably buy the pyramids.

As everyone is asking each other how this could happen, this SEC document shows that the SEC knew about Bernie’s shop since at least 1999.

A certain Harry Markopolos (sic) was working for a rival shop in 1999, when his bosses asked him to investigate Bernie’s super profits, and try to replicate them. He couldn’t, and informed the SEC of his suspicions. But how could the SEC touch Bernie, the “pater familia” of the Bernie empire with seats in NASD and the rest.

Well people are not that stupid. The reason that the funds invested with Bernie turned a blind eye was not that they did not notice the ultra-low volatility/ultra-high returns combination Bernie was posting. It was because they thought it was an outcome of front-running and inside trading, and they did not want to interfere with it.

You scum bag, you maggot/ you cheap lousy faggot/ Happy Christmas your arse/ I pray God it’s our last, as the Pogues aptly put it.

I hate to admit it, but I think I am with Taleb on this one.