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as if it wasn’t bad enough

March 31, 2009

The Rapture Index is picking up. It is now well above 160 points, after dropping below 150 during the George W Bush years.

The Rapture Index

The Rapture Index

This index is measuring the distance to the end of the world. It is like a Dow Jones average of indicators that point towards the Antichrist. As the index breakdown illustrates, the Middle East crisis together with the financial unrest take us one step closer to the end of times. Electing Obama does not help neither. On the other hand, the low interest rates that we experience and the election of Sarkozy contribute to a partial offset.

In the extremely informative FAQs we find that the Antichrist will most probably come from the European Union, and will arguably be homosexual. A real beast I say!

It is also reassuring to find out that the esteemed IMF are using the rapture index in their quest to uncover the determinants of house prices in the US.