should i stay or should i go

January 13, 2010

go: Desmond Lachman: Why Greece will have to leave the eurozone.

stay: Willem Buiter: Sovereign default in the eurozone and the breakup of the eurozone: Sloppy Thinking 101 (article is one year old, but the essence remains the same).

Lachman is with the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI), a neo-conservative think tank that provided the framework of G. W. Bush’s policies.

Buiter is the chief economist of Citigroup, a major bank that was bailed out by the Fed in November 2008.

One Response to “should i stay or should i go”

  1. G. Kintis Says:

    Hi, this is a terrific blog. Are you an economist or trader? Are you Greek by any chance? Please drop me an email if you have a moment.


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